There's No Present Like the Time

Do you like apples?...
Well I got your number

How do you like them apples?!

Penny For Your Thoughts



Check out the red band trailer for ‘The Man With the Iron Fists’

This is like the best of all kung fu rolled into one. Pure martial arts crack.


Danny Trejo is Epic Beard Man in… BAD ASS

Yes, this is a real movie. A real movie that stars Danny Trejo as a one man punching vigilante against evil, inspired by the internet stardom of one Thomas “Epic Beard Man” Bruso. This should be an entire series of movies: Danny Trejo as Mustard Man, Danny Trejo as that guy on Fark who got his balls stuck in a chair. It would be golden.

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Check out the trailer for the new DC animated movie Justice League: Doom

DC’s got a new animated Justice League movie coming out on DVD and Blu Ray soon, and it looks pretty fun, even if the Legion of Doom looks more like mostly second stringers. Justice League: Doom is set to release some time in 2012.